Audio Transcription


Transcription has become a very integral part of this decade now. Starting from academics to business, the demand for it has grown phenomenally in every field. Recording of the information gathered is the first step for innovation and development.Transcription enables you to maintain a perfect record of the speeches, seminars, meetings, discussions and lectures. The transcript can be referred anytime to extract any information. In the 80s, things were a bit complicated as the customers have to record audio on tapes and transcribers have to manually play it on a player and type documents using a type writer.But, transcription isn’t easy as it sounds! It needs an expert to transcribe audio to text with accuracy. Otherwise, amateurs will end up losing details or wasting a lot of your productive time.

So it is wise to vouch on a professional audio transcription company if you are wondering, How to make money? Now thanks to all the inventions and technological advancements, transcriptions have become more reliable and simplified. With years of experience in the field of transcription, we offer amazing audio transcription services in very fast turnaround time. We also lead the flock when it comes to ease of access and on time deliveries. We are well known among the customers for our on time deliveries.It’s a complete rarity for us to miss a delivery date. Keeping our clients wait is one thing we hate to do. So, we always make sure that our end product reaches our customers much in advance. The standard set by us has always been the benchmark of others. Sell Audio Transcription Environment light bulbs directly to customers door.Building trust and winning hearts is the base of any business. If any company can succeed in both, there is nothing to stop them. We strive hard to deliver outstanding results that delights our clients. Our transcription company stands out from the crowd because of our innovation and dedication.


We can proudly claim that, we are one of the few companies to offer any language to any language transcription. Yes, you heard that right! We transcribe any language audio to any language text. (i.e) a client can give us an Arabic audio and receive a French transcript.

Not many agencies offer this feature, majority of them still work only On English audios and don’t support any other languages. This differentiating factor has made the clients to choose us over others with zero dilemma. Dedication is another highlight feature of us. We make sure that we put in maximum efforts to deliver a flawless result. Right from the recruitment of the transcribers to the delivery of the output, we see to that the customer gets only the best. We have a large team of native transcribers in every part of the world, to bring you the native language style without any flaws. The clients can also choose same day transcription, rush and super rush transcription add-ons to speed up the process and lessen the delivery time.


A study says that the most crucial factor in buying a product lies on the pricing. An honest and transparent rate will click with the customer always. This is also the reason for the ever-growing client base of us. We always charge an honest and nominal rate for all our services. Our rates start at a very low price of $0.99/min.If audio transcription rates always get you confused, worry no more. Have a look at our exclusive and detailed rate chart which enables you to have a clear idea on what you’re charged. All our clients have felt that our rates are very economical and affordable, in spite of the exceptional outputs. Getting highly talented professionals to transcribe audio to text at such low prices is almost impossible for anyone. So we simplify the task for you by presenting world class talents to work on your project. Our minimum accuracy rating is 98% and we work smarter to exceed your expectations. ABC uses human translators and we don’t rely on algorithms or machine-generated translations.

We carefully pair every translation project to the appropriate translator with the right background and expertise. Fast Estimates for Translation Services For the convenience of our customers, we implement an easy workflow to when ordering translation services.Get free quotes for your project by uploading your files to our secure server. We’ve made sure that navigating our site and placing orders are breeze for our customers. You can head start your project easily by uploading your file or by asking for a quote. Our customer support specialists will reach you within minutes to get the requirements and clarify your queries. We also have an always online chat for the techy savvy people to chat with our executives conveniently round the clock. We are open 24/7, around the year to serve you. Go ahead and get your project started now!